General questions

No! By touching the “+” or “-” on the cup to choose your temperature, your muggo mug may be used fully independently of a phone. You won’t be able to personalize some aspects of the mobile app, like as adding a name or designating presets to certain beverages, if you use the cup on its own.

The Muggo Mug should not be microwaved. As an electrical item, it might catch fire in the microwave, just as with other gadgets and metals. Your muggo mug will suffer long-lasting harm if you do that.

It’s simple! Pour your preferred hot beverage into the mug, touch the “+” or “-” buttons to choose the temperature that tastes best to you. Select both buttons to turn and off. Select single to increase or decrease the temperature.

The Muggo Travel Mug was designed to last for three hours on average while being transported. When pouring in hot liquid and setting the temperature to 135°F, a three-hour battery life is anticipated. Your battery will last longer if you want it colder, and it will last somewhat less if you prefer it hotter.

A number of external factors, including external temperature, liquid temperature at pour, rate of liquid consumption, set temperature, whether the lid is on or off, and much more, will also affect how long the battery lasts.

Yes, it depends on the quantity you order. Many of our corporate order are getting great offered price as per the festival and quanty they ordered. Contact to our sales team to get actual price of your quantity.

Yes, you can. But we are not providing the printing service on the cup or mug. The brand product comes with its own shape and design.

Other questions

You can buy muggo mug from amazon. We have not put all variants on amazon. You can directly purchase from our website Due to bulk corporate orders, we are generally sending directly to customer from our website. Contact us for great deal and best offers.

Your mug should be hand-washed in warm, soapy water with a gentle sponge. After cleaning, thoroughly dry your cup before putting it on the charger by either using a hand dryer or letting it air dry.

The gold rings on the mug and/or the gold pins on the charging coaster may corrode if you set a wet cup on it. This may cause problems with the mug’s ability to charge effectively.)

As a metal spoon might harm the muggo’s coating, we advise using a wooden or silicone spoon to stir for the best results.

*Only wash by hand. Do not clean your muggo cup or mug in the dishwasher.

When not in use, the Travel Mug is completely safe to leave on the charger. No battery damage will result since the charging is immediately stopped once the battery is completely charged. If the empty muggo mug is left on the Charging Coaster for months on end, the Travel Mug has maintenance charging, which means that the battery is regularly filled up since the battery gradually self-discharges.

  1. Travel Mug / Cup
  2. Push to Open Leak-Proof Lid as per the model
  3. Charging Coaster and type C wire if wireless charging model and only C type cable if wired charging model
  4. Quick Start Guide

No. It consume more battery power. Muggo cup or mug is for maintaining the temperature of the drinks. It may change your test and decrease battery life.