Muggo Self heating Cup

  • Built-in li-polymer battery 10000mA
  • Mug USB-C input: 5V 2.5A(max)
  • Mug USB-C output: 5V 3A(max)
  • Wireless input: 5W
  • Temperature: 35-71℃ / 95-160F
  • Mug weight: 342g
  • Fully capacity: 343mL
  • Wireless coaster output: 10W * 2
  • Wireless coaster PD input: 5V-9.5V 1A-3.5A
  • Color: black, white
  • Support heating while charging
  • Accessory: 100cm USB-C cable

Two Models:

Two ways to recharge the mug:

1) USB-C charging port:

Use the USB-C cable to connect the USB-C port, the 4 LEDs will blink when the mug is being charged, the 4 LEDs will be on when the mug is fully charged.

2) Wireless charging function:

Connect the USB-C cable to the wireless charging base you have, then place the cup on the base for wireless charging, the 4 LEDs will blink when the mug is being charged, the 4 LEDs will be on when the mug is fully charged.

How to use the cup:

1)To turn on and off, press the + or – touch sensors at the same time and hold for 2seconds. The default temperature is 45℃/130F.

2) To adjust the temperature, tap the + or – touch sensor. Each tap raises or lowers temperature by one degree.

Simple and Easy to use

  1. Pour water
  2. To turn mug on/off, press the button “+” and “–” at the same time for two seconds(it will display current temperature).
  3. Default temperature setting is 55℃(130F).
  4. To adjust temperature:
    a) Tap “+” one time to increase one degree, tap “–” one time to
    decrease one degree, temperature range is 35-71 ℃(95-160F).
    b) Press “+” or “–” in one second, the temperature can be fast set, but this function is invalid if people press it for more than one second.

Remark: You will see “E1” only when the cup battery is no power and you still force to turn on the cup, please remember to fully charge the cup before you use it.


To heat your coffee/drinks any time and anywhere.

  • • Temperature can be adjusted freely from 35-71℃(95-
    160F), people can set up the perfect temperature with the touchable button and enjoy the coffee.
  • Waterproof design.
  • Working time(heating): about 1.3-3 hours depending on the temperature people set up.

Packaging Details

  • Product size: 8.8*13.6cm,
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Black gift box: size: 15.5*15.6*10.3cm, weight: 1.3kgs 4 sets/inner carton,
  • Carton size: 31*31.2*10.3cm, N.W.:5.2kgs, G.W.: 5.7kgs 12 sets(3 inner cartons)/master carton,
  • Master Cartoon size: 32*32.2*33cm, N.W.: 15.6kgs, G.W.: 17.5kgs
  • Total Sets: 20’HQ : 3900sets; 40’HQ :8300sets; 40’HQ: 10500sets

Muggo Cup Certificates

Important care and use information

  1. Do not microwave.
  2. Hand wash only.
  3. Use caution when drinking hot beverages.
  4. Keep Muggo out of the reach of children when filled with hot beverages.
  5. The touch-sensitive button needs to be dry for the touch sensor to work properly.
  6. Do not leave your Muggo in extremely hot or cold environments.
  • Ensure the outside of the cup is dry before plugging in the USB-C charging cable, or placing on a wireless charger.
  • The touch-sensitive controls must be dry or the touch sensor to work properly.
  • Heating the cup with the lid on and closed may cause the lid to raise due to increased pressure.
  • Before drinking, ensure the lid is completely attached and sealed.
  • Hand wash only.